Turkey is the favorite destination for German tourists


The head of the Association of German Travel Agencies, Norbert Fiebig, said that Turkey is at the forefront of tourist destinations for German citizens.

Viebig’s statement came within the framework of his participation in the Berlin International Tourism Exchange Exhibition.

He pointed out that the tourism sector continues to recover from the consequences of the global Corona epidemic, stressing that German tourist agencies received large reservations during the past three months.


“The good news for our Turkish partners and friends is that Turkey is at the top,” he added.

He explained that the Germans want to spend their holidays after a “gloomy” period following the closures they faced due to Corona, stressing that Turkey comes at the forefront of the traditional tourist destinations for German tourists.

He said, “Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for German tourists, as it provides them with comprehensive services on their vacation.”

At the end of his speech, Viebig reiterated that Turkey is the most successful and preferred destination in Germany.