Turkey intends to export natural gas to Moldova


Turkey intends to export two million cubic meters of natural gas daily to Moldova, starting from the beginning of next October.

The Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Company (BOTAŞ) announced the signing of an agreement to export natural gas with the “East Gas Energy Trading” company, which plays an active role in the region, especially in the energy market in Moldova.

The company indicated in a statement published on Thursday that the signing of the agreement took place during a ceremony held today by the Chairman of its Board of Directors and General Manager, Burhan Ozcan, and the General Manager of East Gas Energy Trading, Nikolay Gaborak.


The statement stated that the process of supplying Moldova with two million cubic meters of natural gas per day will begin as of next October 1 through designated pipelines.

The Turkish company has previously signed similar important agreements to export natural gas with Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, and is continuing talks with other parties.