Turkey… IETT bus crashes, brakes released into the wall and stopped


The IETT bus, whose brakes were released, hit the wall of the workplace.


The IETT bus whose brakes were released in Atasehir Barbarossa district was out of control of its driver.

The bus, which was traveling about 100 meters on the street, was also able to stop by crashing first into a car and then into the wall of the workplace, and neither were killed nor injured in the accident.

Explaining the accident, IETT bus driver Elias Yavuz said, “I thought I was going to slow down to enter the curb, I hit the brakes, there are no brakes.


I touched the brakes, I thought I was going to pull the assist, there was no help… It accelerated on its own.. Thank God there was no car coming from above.. The car wouldn’t stop.. I saw the wall on the left so I wouldn’t be safe.. “