Turkey has deported 28.5 thousand irregular migrants since 2022


The Turkish authorities have deported 28,581 irregular migrants who entered the country illegally since the beginning of this year.


And sources in the Turkish Immigration Department were quoted on Monday that this step comes within the framework of the country’s authorities’ fight against illegal immigration.

According to the same sources, most of the foreigners who were deported were Afghan and Pakistani nationals.

The reasons for the deportation ranged from illegal entry and violation of the legal period of stay in Turkey after the expiry of the visa, falsification of official papers, and engaging in practices that violate the law and violate security and stability.


In this context, the Turkish authorities have recorded 153 thousand and 88 cases of illegal entry into the country since the beginning of this year.

The authorities have also arrested 74,516 irregular migrants throughout Turkey since the beginning of 2022, and deported 28,581 of them.