Turkey.. Firefighting vehicles for alleys and off-road


Firefighters in the southern Turkish province of Hatay resorted to four-wheel drive vehicles as a means of reaching fires in narrow alleys and mountainsides.

The four-wheel drive fire brigade was set up 3 years ago by the state municipality.

Because of the narrow alleys of some areas, especially the old city, small four-wheel drive vehicles make it easier for firefighters to reach the scene of the fire as quickly as possible.

The vehicles were equipped with fire extinguishers, a water pump and a 40-meter hose.

In addition to narrow alleys, the crew uses four-wheel drive vehicles to put out fires in forests, especially in the foothills of the mountains.


Fire Chief Ozer Govce emphasized that the four-wheel drive vehicles, with their torque and maneuverability, are suitable for the alleys of the historic city of Antakya.

He explained that they have established two firefighting teams with four-wheel drive vehicles, in addition to performing detection tasks to prevent any future fires.

He stressed that four-wheel drive vehicles have proven themselves in many fire accidents, due to their speed, small size and ability to maneuver in narrow spaces.

The compounds also proved themselves in a forest fire that occurred in the foothills of Jabal Habibi Najjar.

And he said: Firefighter Omar Alban Aqtash, every vehicle is equipped with a water pump at the back and is connected to fire hydrants that are found in almost every neighborhood.

He mentioned that each vehicle is equipped with two fire suppression cylinders and a 40-meter hose.

Aqtash added: “We designed these vehicles due to the narrow alleys of the city and the lack of space for traditional firefighting vehicles. Thanks to them, we move easily and we can reach the foot of Habibi Najjar mountain from the fire station in 6 minutes.”