Turkey.. “Ceshme” hotels are witnessing heavy tourist reservations


Hotels in the famous “Ceşme” area in western Turkey are witnessing heavy bookings from foreign and local tourists, given the favorable weather conditions.

Cesme hotels in the state of Izmir were largely filled with tourists during the mid-term holiday after temperatures exceeded seasonal averages.

The region overlooking the Aegean Sea attracts thousands of foreign and Turkish tourists, especially in the summer, thanks to its clean beaches and unique facilities.


The head of the Association of Tourist Hotel Operators in Cesme, Jacob Demir, said that reservations from outside Turkey continue to be intensive.

Demir pointed out that weather temperatures exceeding seasonal averages during the current year reflected positively on the tourist areas.

He revealed that occupancy rates in hotels in the region exceeded 60 percent, expressing his hope that reservations would continue until next May.

Demir emphasized the importance of the tourism sector for Turkey, as it is capable of generating about half of Turkey’s budget, amounting to $100 billion.