Turkey calls for restructuring of the United Nations


Turkish Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun called for a restructuring of the United Nations in order to protect international peace and security more effectively.


This came in a video message he sent on Tuesday to a meeting entitled “Reform of the United Nations Security Council: A New Approach to Rebuilding the International Order” organized by the Communications Department in the French capital, Paris.

In his letter, Alton stated that the main objective of the organization is to establish and maintain international peace and security.

He noted that the United Nations has made significant contributions to peace and stability in the world since its establishment and has emerged as a stabilizing force in various geographical regions for many years.


He added, “However, the organization was unable to find tangible solutions to prevent major humanitarian disasters in the post-Cold War period in particular, and was not able to adopt an effective role in maintaining peace and security.”

“The organization, which has been unable to prevent the human tragedy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Syria and Kosovo in the past, has recently presented a similar model of impotence during Russia’s attacks on Ukraine,” he said.

He pointed out that the United Nations, which was established to protect peace and security, is no longer able to meet the aspirations of the international community in this regard.


Altoun explained that “the organization’s lack of an effective and consistent role in confronting events that threaten global peace and stability has also reduced its credibility and standing in the eyes of the international community.”

He stressed the necessity of restructuring the Organization in order to protect international peace and security more effectively.

“We have been expressing our proposal in this framework for a long time and present it to all countries for discussion,” he added.


He explained that the Turkish proposal for a solution is to adopt a perspective that is embodied in the slogan “The world is greater than five” (in reference to the permanent members of the Security Council) and focuses on changing the structure of the UN Security Council.