Turkey calls for international cooperation in securing the needs of migrants


Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca called for strengthening cooperation between countries of the world in order to secure the health needs of immigrants without discrimination between them.


This came in his speech on Thursday during a high-level meeting on migration and health in the European region.

Which was held in Istanbul in cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Koca stressed the need to provide health services to migrants within the framework of the comprehensive policies of the World Health Organization.

And without distinguishing between the countries they come from, pass through, or go to.

He added that strengthening cooperation in this regard among the countries of the world and pursuing a common path is a basic and shared responsibility for all.


He pointed out that “universal health coverage” is an ambition that was put forward to provide health services to all citizens.

He explained that, in this context, Turkey is integrating 3.7 million refugees on its territory within this framework and providing them with all health services.