Erdogan: Development cannot be achieved without taking care of refugees


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stressed that it is not possible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at the global level without providing health care for refugees.


This came in a video speech sent by the Turkish President to the meeting sponsored by the World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health entitled “Migration and Health in the Europe Region”.

He noted that the investments made in the health of immigrants will be a driving force for informed and harmonious societies.

Erdogan highlighted the health suffering of migrants, especially after the spread of the Coronavirus, in addition to their psychological suffering due to discrimination and racism.

The Turkish president stressed that all refugees in his country enjoy the right to health care on an equal basis with Turkish citizens.


According to Erdogan, during the most severe times of the spread of the Coronavirus, Turkey provided aid and medical devices to 160 countries and 12 international institutions.

He said: “Our Syrian brothers have received 96.7 million medical examinations, 3.1 million clinical examinations, and 2.6 million surgeries.

He explained that 185 health centers for refugees operate in 29 Turkish provinces.

The Turkish president praised the work plans of the World Health Organization in the European region, considering them valuable.


In this regard, he said: “The number of refugees (in the world) has increased by 3 million in just 3 weeks from 85 million, and I hope your meeting will open the way for new ideas and solutions.”