Turkey.. Barış Mançu Museum receives the late artist’s lovers


On Tuesday, visitors flocked to the house of the late Turkish singer Barış Mançu in Istanbul, which has become a museum that perpetuates his memory.

The museum is crowded with visitors at such times every year, with the approaching anniversary of Mançu’s death, who passed away 24 years ago on February 1, 1999.

The museum includes a guitar, records, the late artist’s clothes and other personal belongings.

The visitor, Murad Ozan, said that he practices music and takes the late Mançu as an example for him, and he has great love for him.


In turn, American Karatash expressed his great love for the late artist, pointing out that he is a student at a conservatory and dreams of being a beloved artist, similar to Mançu.

For his part, 11-year-old Aras said that he learned a lot about Mançu during his visit to the museum.

Mançu, born in 1943, is considered one of the most famous Turkish singers, and he wrote and composed many songs, whether emotional or social, or those directed to children.

Mançu also sang traditional songs in a distinctive style through the musical arrangement in a contemporary style, and he is one of the founders of the “Rock Anatolia” school, which mixes eastern and western styles.

The Museum of the late Turkish artist Barış Manço is one of the important destinations in the Kadıköy area in the Asian side of Istanbul.