Turkey appoints a new ambassador for the United Arab Emirates


The Turkish official newspaper published today, a decree signed by President Erdogan, to appoint a new ambassador to the UAE, along with 13 new ambassadors for Europe, Asia and Africa.


According to Anadolu Agency, the decision to appoint 13 ambassadors and return 10 other ambassadors to Ankara is important, as the Turkish ambassadors to the UAE and Iraq have been replaced by two other ambassadors.

It seems that this step is in line with Turkey’s new foreign policy, which is in line with rapprochement and solving problems, especially with the inauguration of US President Joe Biden more than two months ago.

The changes include the appointment of Tuga Tuncer, the new Turkish ambassador to the UAE, to replace the former ambassador, John Dzdar, who has been handling Syria affairs at the Turkish Foreign Ministry for years. Dzdar is now back in Ankara.

Also, Ali Reza Güney was appointed a new Turkish ambassador to Iraq to replace Fatih Yildiz, and Yildiz was asked to return to Ankara.

The new appointments are in line with previous appointments made more than a month ago, when Erdogan appointed new ambassadors to the United States, Japan, Ireland and Serbia.


The Turkish-Emirati relations are also witnessing ups and downs in light of the ongoing media war between the two countries.

Ankara has stipulated that Abu Dhabi should stop interfering in its internal affairs and support the Turkish opposition forces in Syria, Libya, Greece and others.

After reconciling with the Gulf Cooperation Council states, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country is ready to revive relations with all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and considers these relations strategic.

Emirati official Anwar Gargash said earlier that Turkey is the country’s number one trading partner and that Abu Dhabi has no hostility towards Ankara.