Turkey.. an agricultural project based on customer trust


A Turkish farmer has set up a greenhouse in which shoppers can leave their purchases in a bucket marked “Box”.


Yasar Tosun, 42, was able to establish his project in the district of Bash Isikle in the northwestern state of Kocaeli, after receiving financial support through the “Young Farmers” program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Ten years ago, Toson built a greenhouse on an area of ​​5 acres, from which he started producing types of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Since Toson was busy with other business, he decided to continue selling greenhouse products without being restricted to being in the place, so he put a bucket with the words “box” written on it, where customers could put the price of the products they bought.


At the entrance to the greenhouse, Toson put a scale and shopping bags, hanging a board containing numbers and prices of vegetables and the method of payment after determining the weight.

Customers can get fresh vegetables after picking them themselves from the branches and leaving their price in the bucket.

Toson said he loves farming as his father’s profession and continues to grow different products in his greenhouse, which he established in 2012 with government support.


He noted that he cannot stay in the greenhouse all day because he takes care of a group of other farms and greenhouses inside and outside Kocaeli State.

He mentioned that he guided customers to the new method of shopping by placing a board containing shopping instructions at the entrance to the greenhouse.

He added: “Customers select the necessary vegetables, collect them from the branches, weigh them, calculate their price, and leave the money in a bucket with the words “box” written on it.

He continued, “With that money, I spin the economic wheel of the farm and provide for my household needs.”


Toson was satisfied with the sales that took place in the greenhouse and the cooperation shown by the customers.

He added, “A sign has been placed in the greenhouse telling customers that they can eat the products they want inside the greenhouse for free, in addition to allowing those who do not have money to get what they want from the products.”

He added: “Customers can leave the price of the products they buy in the box later if they do not have the money at the time.”

Toson noted that most customers who shop in his greenhouse do not know him personally.


“My customers were as much as the trust I gave them… they were eager to pay for the products they bought, and I am grateful for the amount of cooperation they showed towards my project,” he stressed.

One of the greenhouse customers, Jahan Adiyaman, said that he came to shop from the district of Korfaz (in Kocaeli), which is located about 15 kilometers from the place of Tosun.

Adiyaman said he regularly shopped from the greenhouse because their produce was fresh and the prices were very reasonable.


“We come two to three days a week to pick and buy vegetables, and the payment system established by Toson gives customers a large margin of confidence,” he added.