Tukey.. A trial of 9 people suspected of collaborating with Mossad


On Monday, the Turkish authorities referred 9 people to court in Istanbul on suspicion of selling information to the Israeli Mossad, and the nine suspects were transferred to the courtroom in the Palace of Justice in the Çağlayan district of the city.​​​​​​

Last week, based on the Public Prosecution’s investigations, the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Branches of the Istanbul Security Directorate carried out a simultaneous security operation in the states of Istanbul and Izmir.

It led to the arrest of 7 suspects, and it was found that the other two individuals had been previously arrested as part of the same investigations.

Security sources stated that the Turkish intelligence service knew that the Mossad was tracking its targets in Turkey through private investigators.

The sources stated that investigations monitored the Mossad carrying out activities such as collecting biographical information about people, reconnaissance, photo and video documentation, surveillance, and placing tracking devices against its targets through private investigators associated with it.

Investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution in Istanbul confirmed that 9 people are suspected of having sold information they obtained to the Mossad through private investigators.