The Work begins in the case of Çiftlik Bank about the known as “Tosuncuk”


Mehmet Aydın’s statement began with the founder of Çiftlik Bank, known as “Tosuncuk”, and it was learned that 3 lawyers participated in Aydin’s statement.


Mehmet Aydın, who disappeared after the Çiftlik Bank was hit, was brought to Turkey from Brazil, where he surrendered to the Turkish consulate at 10:05 pm on Saturday.

Mehmet Aydın, who was handcuffed and handed over to Istanbul police, was taken by Interpol, who later brought him on the plane to the Financial Crimes Prevention Branch, where he was questioned.

The interrogation of Mehmet Aydın, who was detained on the premises of the Istanbul Security Directorate for two days in Vatan Caddesi, began at 10 pm.


It was learned that after examining 300 pages of documents brought by Aydın and comparing them with the inspector’s reports, a 60-page question was prepared, and Mehmet Aydın’s statement taken continues in the presence of 3 lawyers.Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Mehmet Aydın had been interrogated in the financial branch because 128 people had filed new criminal complaints.