The Turkish Minister of Industry inspects a factory for “ASELSAN” in Konya


Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank inspected a factory of the Aselsan Military and Electronic Industries Company in the central state of Konya.


During his tour, the Turkish minister tested two 12.7 and 7.62 mm machine guns that Aselsan designed for installation on a fixed platform on warships, and a remote-controlled grenade launcher.

In a press statement at the factory, Varank said that Konya has great potentials to export its products, especially in the industrial sector.

He pointed out that the defense industry sector in Turkey has witnessed a great leap in recent years, and is moving at a steady pace towards increasing the rate of national production and the important technology industry.

He explained that the Aselsan factory was established on an area of ​​70,000 square kilometers within the industrial zone in Konya.


The Turkish minister was accompanied on his tour by the Governor of Konya, Wahideddin Ozkan, and Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay.