The opening of the ice skating season on Lake Çıldır in Kars


Lake Çıldır, located on the border between the states of Kars and Ardahan in northeastern Turkey, witnessed the opening of the ice skating season on Lake Çıldır on Monday via horse-drawn carriages.

Çıldır is the second largest lake in the Eastern Anatolia region, with an estimated area of 123 square kilometers.

In the winter, the temperature drops to 25 degrees below zero, and the surface of the lake freezes completely, making it possible to conduct tourist tours over it by horse-drawn carriages.

As part of the opening of the skiing season on the lake via horse carriages, those in charge of the matter began the first preparations for skiing and transporting the horses and their carriages.


The region witnessed the first skiing sessions on horse carts over the lake, a scene that was very popular with local and foreign tourists.

Arjan Tashdemir, a resident of the area, said that they are ready to serve tourists and visitors coming to the area to enjoy skiing on the lake.

He added that the thickness of the ice above the lake has reached approximately 20-25 centimeters at the present time, which allows skating on it comfortably.

Visitors engage in various activities, such as riding horse-drawn sleighs, or walking on the frozen surface and taking pictures, as well as drinking tea, which keeps them warm.