The number of coronavirus deaths around the world has reached 3 million


According to the Worldometer website, which specializes in data related to the Coronavirus, the United States of America recorded the highest death rate, with 578,993.

Next comes Brazil with 365,954, and Mexico with 211,213.

India also recorded 174,335 deaths from the Coronavirus, fourth in the world, and then Britain with 127,191.

Then Italy with 115 thousand and 937, and Russia with 104 thousand and 398, then France with 100 thousand and 73, and Germany with 80 thousand and 141, then Spain with 76 thousand and 882 deaths.


In addition, as of April 15, Turkey has recorded about 35,31 deaths.

Since its appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of the year 2019, the Corona virus has also spread to more than 200 countries.

They caused the injury of 139 million and 710 thousand and 707 people, and 118 million and 763 thousand and 479 of them recovered, and in total 3 million people died.

While 17 million and 910 thousand and 479 patients around the world are undergoing treatment.