The Guardian: It could take up to 2 years to resolve the supply chain shortages


The coronavirus outbreak has deteriorated the supply chain, and this is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in inflation worldwide.

According to the Guardian, the disruption to the supply chain could continue for at least another two years.


The pandemic has put the supply chain in trouble around the world, and companies that slashed their capacity at the start of the pandemic struggled to get their goods to consumers when there was an increase in demand.

And according to The Guardian news, experts say it could take two years to solve the problem in the supply chain.

This situation appears as one of the biggest reasons for price hikes around the world. Container ship transport prices have risen by an average of 90 percent last year with the impact of the pandemic.

The closures and restrictions led to a shortage of staff, which negatively affected the supply chain, and in the United States, many container ships docked in ports or waiting to dock in the open.


Even if the containers are unloaded from the ships, the products cannot be distributed because there are no transport drivers.

The upcoming year-end holidays in Europe, North America and Asia are expected to deepen supply chain shortages.