The European press devotes ample space to Erdogan’s victory


The European media devoted ample space to the victory of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the second round of the presidential elections that took place on Sunday, according to preliminary results.

European newspapers covered the speeches of the Turkish president in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, as well as the celebrations of the voters who voted for Erdogan.

British Press: The Turkish President announces his victory

The BBC said that President Erdogan was able to read voters better than analysts and opinion poll companies.


While “Sky News” dealt with the congratulatory telegrams sent by world leaders to President Erdogan after his victory, a sign of Turkey’s pivotal role in world politics.

In turn, “The Guardian”, “The Independent”, “Financial Times” and “The Daily Telegraph” published different news about Erdogan’s victory in the second round of the presidential elections.

German press: “Erdogan forever”

The newspaper “Spiegel” published a story under the title “Erdogan forever”, which included comments on his victory in it and how the Turkish-European relations will be during the next stage.

Under the headline “Erdogan is the undisputed winner,” Die Welt newspaper wrote that the Turkish president’s goal has always been to reach the peak and that his supporters have achieved his goal.

The newspaper pointed out that the opposition had the opportunity to defeat Erdogan, but underestimated his popularity among the masses.

As for the “Bild” newspaper, it published a picture of the former soccer player, Masoud Ozil, next to the Turkish president, and a sign to a post by the former expressing his joy at the latter’s victory.

French Press: Erdogan’s supporters celebrate with joy that deafens the opponents’ ears

In a story titled “Erdogan Forever,” the newspaper “Liberation” drew attention to the celebrations of thousands of supporters of Erdogan’s re-election, with the joy of deafening the ears of the opposition.


The newspaper “Le Monde” published a story under the headline “Mr. Ankara as president for the third time,” in which it pointed out that Erdogan had assumed power since 2003.

Ouest France also headlined, “Erdogan retains power.”

Dutch press: Erdogan stresses in his speech on “unity”

The Dutch public broadcaster NOS devoted space to President Erdogan’s speech, in which he emphasized “unity” by saying, “No one lost today, they won 85 million. Our nation and democracy have won.”

It also covered the celebrations of the Turks in the Netherlands and the congratulatory messages sent by world leaders to President Erdogan.

In turn, the newspaper “NRC” highlighted the words of President Erdogan, in which he said that “the winner is only Turkey.”

Spanish press: Erdogan succeeds in his re-election after 20 years in power

El Pais newspaper published a story under the headline “Erdogan succeeds in re-election after 20 years in power.”

The newspaper devoted the first two pages to the Turkish elections, noting that Erdogan’s first goal after his victory is economic reform.

El Mundo newspaper noted that President Erdogan’s third term had begun with his victory in the presidential elections.

Italian press: “Turkey begins again with Erdogan”


The newspaper “La Repubblica” published a story under the headline “Turkey chooses Erdogan again,” in which it referred to President Erdogan’s victory despite the disaster of the earthquake, economic problems, and the unification of the opposition.

As for El Messagiro newspaper, it published a headline under the headline “Turkey begins again with Erdogan,” in which it pointed out the Turkish people’s lack of confidence in the opposition’s recipe.

Greek, Bulgarian, Belgian and Swiss newspapers and the media of the Balkan countries also covered Erdogan’s victory in the second round of the presidential elections.

In the second round of the presidential elections, Erdogan won 52.16 percent of the vote, compared to 47.84 percent for opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, according to the Supreme Elections Commission.