Temperatures in the desert of Turkey are coming: it will rise 10 degrees


Turkey will be affected by the heat and dust of the Algerian desert from tomorrow, as the air temperature will rise to 10 degrees, and with the increase in temperature, dust transport is also expected.

Starting tomorrow in Turkey, the impact of the next heatwave will cross North Africa and Algeria.

The temperature will rise above seasonal standards, and weather forecast expert Mehmet Ozdemerci said that temperatures will rise gradually until the beginning of the week.

They also expect temperatures to be 8-10 degrees above seasonal norm by the end of the week, especially in the western and interior regions.


The wind will carry desert dust

The winds blowing over North Africa and Algeria will not only increase the temperature, but will also carry the desert dust.

Ozdemerci also said that they expect the dust that will come with the winds to be transported at a slight intensity in Marmara and the northern Aegean Sea tomorrow evening.

Desert dust may also pose a risk to those suffering from lung diseases, and desert dust containing many elements can create risky situations for those suffering from lung diseases and asthma problems.

Nilai Bashai, a specialist in chest diseases, said that dust that is less than one and a half microns in size can enter the lungs and bronchi at the extreme points.

This is causing harm there, especially for patients with asthma and bronchitis, he said.

Experts also say that care must be taken when ventilating homes due to desert dust.