Tannour cake.. a popular taste in the Turkish state of Hatay


The people of the Turkish state of Hatay (southern), which is included in the “Creative Cities Network” in the field of cooking, began preparing the local “tannour cake”, which is consumed in winter in particular.


The ingredients for this cake consist of olive oil, fennel, coconut, sugar, yeast, salt, sesame, flour and a mixture of spices.

Where this mixture is kneaded, then divided into small rings (circles) and baked in the oven.

The tannour cake is prepared with both sweet and savory flavors according to tastes, and it is usually served alongside tea to the people of the house and guests, especially in the winter months.

In her speech, Azadeh Donmez, who runs a small facility in the municipality of “Altin Ozu” for the manufacture of tannour cake, said that the people used to prepare the cake when the olive harvest season ended.

Donmez explained that the cake is made of new-season olive oil pressed in the traditional way.


She added that the tandoori cake is a popular delicacy in Hatay, and is in great demand during the winter months in particular.

She said that the cake was served especially at festivals, weddings and holidays, when women gathered and baked the cake in the oven.