Solingen’s appeal to Germany: steps must be taken to satisfy consciences


Deputy Foreign Minister Kiran said: “If the necessary measures had been taken in Solingen, and if the causes of the Solingen disaster had been well investigated and the necessary steps taken, then many disasters would not have followed, the disasters would have been avoided.”

And 28 years ago, racists set fire to a house inhabited by Turks in Solingen, Germany, and 5 people from his young family died.

Those fires were not extinguished, which is one of the most painful racist attacks in the country’s history, despite all these years.


The fire that has not broken out in Solingen for 28 years: My pain will die when I die..

Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Salim Kiran made a statement during the first year of the Solingen disaster.

“It is much more important to remember, but to understand and take action.”

“That dark day is still in our memory, our hearts are in pain, our hearts are broken, today we commemorate our citizens who lost their lives in this tragedy with compassion and longing.

On May 29, a celebration was held in Germany again, and it is important to remember these disasters, of course in terms of pain-sharing.

“Unfortunately, every step not taken leads to an even greater disaster”

“What was the Solingen disaster, why did it happen on that dark day, and what causes this must be analyzed first and foremost by the German authorities.

You must take the necessary steps by making decisions and steps to ease your conscience.

Unfortunately, every step that has not been taken leads to an even greater disaster. We all see together the seriousness of the Islamists ’hostility and hostility towards Muslims in Europe due to their lack of demand for the account of that black day.


“We call on the German authorities to take conscientious steps”

“28 years have passed. If the necessary steps were taken to confront that catastrophe 28 years ago, the European society would not have become more insecure and anxious in terms of anti-Islam, after 28 years.”

Therefore, we immediately take the necessary measures against these attacks, which are the most important antidote to the anti-Islamic poison.

We call on the German authorities once again to take conscientious steps, “adding,” If these measures were taken, the disasters would have followed. “

“If the necessary measures are taken in Solingen, if the causes of the Solingen disaster are well investigated and necessary steps taken, then many disasters will not be pursued.

Disasters could have been prevented. We saw the last example of this in Hanau last year. Unfortunately, 10 people died in that attack, 4 of them Turks.


“The European authorities must take the necessary steps immediately”

You mentioned that it is very important that the German president and German officials share this pain there.

Unfortunately, we have never seen the necessary steps taken against these attacks and we have not seen them, and we still do not see them yet.

Europeans The authorities should take the necessary advice and take the necessary steps immediately. On this occasion, we pay tribute to all of our citizens who lost their lives in the Solingen disaster.

And for those who lost their lives in Hanau, and who we sacrificed for the attacks against Islam in Europe, their lives will be blessed.”