Şentop visits a historic Ottoman school in North Macedonia


On Tuesday, the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Şentop, visited an elementary school that dates back to the Ottoman Empire and provides education in the Turkish language in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje.

This came within the framework of an official visit that Şentop is making to North Macedonia, accompanied by a number of deputies from the “Justice and Development”, “Republican People”, “I” and “National Movement”.


In a press statement, Şentop congratulated all the employees of the school, which continues its activities from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, on the occasion of the Turkish Language Day, which falls on December 21 of each year.

He added that Tefeyyüz Elementary School has become a symbol of Turkish language education in North Macedonia 138 years ago.

He pointed out that the students of the school will be representatives of the Turkish identity and civilization in the region.