Şentop: Turkey will continue to fight terrorism and its supporters


Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop said that his country will continue to fight terrorism and its supporters with determination and determination.


This came in a speech he delivered on Monday during an event at the parliament headquarters in the capital, Ankara, commenting on the operation “Lock the Claw” launched by the Turkish army in northern Iraq against terrorist elements.

Şentop added that Turkey has achieved great successes after adopting the strategy of eliminating terrorism in its strongholds instead of confronting it on its soil.

He wished the Turkish army success in its current military operation.

At dawn on Monday, Turkey launched Operation “Lock the Claw” against terrorist elements in the areas of Mtina, Zab and Afshin-Basian in northern Iraq.


In his statements after the start of the military operation, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that the “claw lock” comes within the framework of eliminating terrorist strongholds in northern Iraq.

And ensuring the security of the Turkish borders, while respecting the sovereignty of Iraq, “a friend and brother, and its territorial integrity.”