Seasonal pollen is the cause of change in Lake Salda


An allegation of pollution in Lake Salda has spread on social media, but it turns out that what was said does not reflect the truth.

Allegations of contamination of Lake Salda have spread on social media, which are attracting the attention of the whole world with its white beach and turquoise waters, and the news reached millions in a short time.

The alleged cause of the pollution was arrangement work built naturally with all-wood structures by the lake.


“The allegations do not reflect the truth”

Yesilova District Governor Ismail Sanjak said: “The region that appears in the news on social media has nothing to do with the work done today.

This is because of the seasonal situation due to pine trees and pollen in the logic.”

Muhammad Ali Kahraman, Director General of Natural Assets Conservation, said, “We estimate that the reason for this was the dust of pollen and tree crumbs that came out of the reeds and the wooded part of the lake.

The shared images are not in places subject to protection by our ministry, and it is not correct to relate them to the work that is taking place in the region. “

A team led by the Governor of the Burdur District, Yeshilova, examined this issue, and did not notice any negativity in the White Islands division.

Samples taken from the lake were sent to the laboratory for further examination.