Russia intercepts a US bomber over the Sea of ​​Japan


On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that its fighter jet had intercepted a US bomber over the Sea of ​​Japan, preventing it from violating the country’s borders.


The ministry said in a statement that it had detected “an air target in the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Japan approaching the Russian border,” according to what Russia Today reported.

The statement added that a Russian MiG-31 fighter took off “to identify the air target and prevent it from breaching the borders of the state of Russia.”

It explained that the crew of the Russian fighter “identified the air target as a B-1B strategic bomber of the US Air Force.”

On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry summoned the US military attache in Moscow against the background of the “unprofessional moves” of the US destroyer “Chafee”.


Which tried to breach the maritime borders of Russia, according to the ministry statement.