Parliament prepares for the fifth new legislative year in Turkey


Parliament was announced to start its legislative work on Friday 1 October after a 2.5-month recess.


The General Assembly of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly will begin its work for the 27th session of the fifth legislative year next week to complete the recess on July 17.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, work will continue into the new legislative year with due attention to the issues of the mask, distance, and cleaning.

Hygiene training was also provided to workers in the areas of food production and cleaning in the association.

Employees were briefed on common infectious diseases in public places, ways to prevent them and develop personal hygiene.

While renovations and repairs were carried out at some points of the Assembly prior to the new legislative year, work was completed in the Assembly Hall.

In this context, the carpets in the General Assembly were renovated and all the seats cleaned, as were the floors of the Grand National Assembly Hall of Fame and backstage.


The assembly hall, public use areas, and backstage have also been disinfected and disinfected with antibacterials.

The Paris climate agreement will also be a priority for the new legislative period. The agreement that will be converted into a law proposal will first be discussed in the Specialization Committee.