Palestine is on the cusp of a fourth wave of the Corona pandemic


The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that the country is on the cusp of a fourth wave of the Coronavirus.

The Director-General of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, Kamal Al-Sakhrah, told the official “Voice of Palestine” radio that there is an increase in infected cases, and there is no stability as it was 3 or 4 weeks ago.


Al-Sakhrah added, “About two weeks ago, the virus began to spread, and we took samples from all areas of the West Bank.

And we found that there are 50 cases of the Indian coronavirus “delta” present in Palestine.”

He continued, “Our neighboring countries have new mutations, a widespread, and greater hospitalizations, and we call on citizens to adhere to preventive measures.”

Al-Sakhrah indicated that there is a reluctance among citizens to conduct coronavirus tests.

Therefore, the daily outcome of the Ministry of Health with the number of injured does not reflect the condition of the injured on the ground.


In the same context, he called on citizens to go to receive vaccinations to protect themselves and their families from the virus and its new mutations.

According to Palestinian Ministry of Health figures, the number of people infected in Palestine since the start of the “Corona” outbreak has reached 344,166 infected people, including 338,714 cases of recovery, and 3,851 deaths.

The number of Palestinians who received doses of anti-viral vaccines in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is 552,692, of whom 394,413 received both doses of the vaccine.