Minister Akar attended a banquet with the families of the martyrs


The Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar met with the families of the Kayseri martyrs, and Akar said, noting that there are those who consciously try to distort the operations carried out by the Turkish armed forces, “Our only target is the terrorists.”

Minister Akar also came to his hometown of Kayseri after the inspections and examinations he conducted in the military units in Sirnak.

In his meeting with relatives of martyrs and veterans in the Kayseri army house, Minister Akar attracted them and celebrated their feasts.

Akar stressed that the Turkish Armed Forces have national, moral and professional values ​​that have lasted for thousands of years, and he said that they adhere to these values ​​no matter what.

Akar also explained that the Turkish Armed Forces have taken all necessary precautions in the planning and implementation stages to prevent damage to civilians and innocent people, religious and historical buildings, and the environment.

In some cases, it even changed the direction of operations at the expense of the operation.


“We are determined to end terrorism”

Akar affirmed that they are determined to end terrorism with patience and determination. “Our only target is the terrorists.

We do not have a problem with our Kurdish and Arab brothers and other ethnic or religious groups there, our target is the terrorists only. “

Akar said, “We will continue our work with our Kurdish brothers with whom we lived for thousands of years shoulder to shoulder for the sake of the prosperity of Turkey and the future of our generations.”

Akar stated that there are those who are consciously trying to distort the operations carried out by the Turkish armed forces.

Minister Akar also said that “some local and foreign authorities deliberately distracted attention from the incident in an unethical manner.”

It is as if the operations carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkey are not linked to the PKK and terrorists, but against the Kurds and Arabs there. “


“Our operations will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized”

Akar stressed that the activities of the Turkish Armed Forces are completely open and transparent, and that the operations are conducted in a manner that respects the territorial integrity of all neighbors, especially Iraq, and the security and sovereignty of their borders.

And for the terrorists who have harmed us for many years and threaten the security of our noble nation.

Our operations are the latest ineffective terrorist, “and it will continue until it is executed. We are working for it. Regardless of that, we have no other purpose.”

Akar also said that the Turkish armed forces have not left the blood of any martyrs on the ground so far, nor will they leave it in the future.

He said that the biggest share of the success achieved is the martyrs of ancient and heroic warriors.


“We will continue to keep the memories of our martyrs alive”

Akar explained that it is the most important indication of the martyrs’ love for the homeland and science, and said: “We cannot forget our martyrs and their memories. We have kept their memories at the highest level, and we will continue to do so.”

In addition to Akar and the governor of Kayseri Şehmus Günaydın and Kayseri AKP deputies.

Taner Yildiz, Ismail Tamer, Commander of Kayseri Garrison Brigadier General Aziz Adali, and HBF’s second director, Air Brigadier General Haldun Taşan.

In addition to the presence of the Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Bordeaux Municipality, the Mayor of Kayseri, the Association of Widows and Orphans Martyrs, the Kayseri branch of its President Ali Yavuz, and martyrs from their allies, relatives and veterans attended.