Made in Turkey.. Drone boat with high armament capabilities


Turkish companies specializing in defense industries have started manufacturing an upgraded version of the Ulak vehicle, which is Turkey’s first home-made armed drone.


The first version of “Olaq” operates without a human crew, and is the product of a joint work between “Ares” and “Meteksan” defense industries in Turkey.

The upgraded version of the Ulaq boat is anti-submarine in addition to its functional and armed capabilities.

The project of the upgraded version of “Ulak” continues under the supervision of the Defense Industries Organization of the Turkish Presidency, where it is scheduled to be developed according to the needs of the naval forces in the country.

Work continues on this project in the “Ares” company in the free zone in the Turkish state of Antalya on the Mediterranean Sea.


Onur Yildirim, director at Aris, said that the idea of ​​developing the Ulaq series of unmanned marine vehicles came with the aim of reducing human damage and performing the required tasks in a safer manner.

Yildirim pointed out that the upgraded version of “Awlaq” can be used either through remote control, via satellite, or through another mechanism based on artificial intelligence, in which the marine vehicle drives itself according to a mechanism determined by the user.

He stressed that the technical and technical specifications of the upgraded version of “Awlaq” are superior to the first version, whose production process is also continuing to meet the needs of the Turkish naval forces.

He stated that one of the most prominent features of the upgraded version of the unmanned marine vehicle is the enhancement of its capabilities to arm and carry weapons and ammunition.


He explained that while the first version of “Awlaq” can carry two tons of useful payload, in the upgraded version, this size reaches approximately 4.5-5 tons.

And he added, “The upgraded version of the unmanned combat vehicle can simultaneously guard and protect ports and carry out its military missions above the surface of the water, thanks to the integration of the armament systems that were provided with it.”

He stated that in addition to these features, the upgraded version of “Awlaq” is also able to carry a useful payload used in defense of submarines under the surface of the water.

Yildirim also stated that the company decided to give priority to local products in all parts used in manufacturing the upgraded version of “Awlaq”.


He pointed to the adoption of a local engine for the unmanned marine vehicle, as talks began with the Turkish company “Tomosan” for local engines on the other hand.

The tests of the upgraded version of “Olaq” are scheduled to begin next May, before it will be delivered to the Turkish Navy in November 2023.