“Libyan Presidential” forms an investigation into the “Sabha” bombing


On Monday, the Libyan Presidential Council formed an investigation committee to identify and prosecute those involved in a suicide bombing that targeted a security checkpoint in the southern city of Sabha on Sunday, killing two officers and wounding a third.

This came during an emergency meeting held by the President and members of the Presidential Council with the General Intelligence Service, according to a statement by the Council’s media office.


The Presidential Council said that after the meeting, it decided to form a committee headed by the Minister of Interior, with the membership of the head of the General Intelligence Service and the coordinator of the Counter-Terrorism Office.

The committee aims to “collect information, detect those involved, prosecute them, bring them to justice, and provide the necessary support and urgent needs for the security services in the south.”

And setting mechanisms and plans to combat terrorism in all regions of Libya,” according to the statement.

On Sunday, the head of the General Department of Criminal Investigation in Sebha, Captain Ibrahim Abdel-Nabi, and the officer, Abbas Al-Sharif, were killed.

Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Juhaimi, a member of the administration, was wounded in a suicide truck bombing.


The terrorist organization “ISIS” said on Sunday evening that one of its members carried out the bombing, killing 4 people, according to a statement and a photo published by the “Amaq” agency, the media arm of the organization.

Libya is suffering from the repercussions of an armed conflict that has lasted for years. With the support of Arab and Western countries, mercenaries and foreign fighters, the militia of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar fought the former internationally recognized Government of National Accord.

For months, the oil-rich country has been witnessing a political breakthrough. On March 16, it received an elected transitional authority.

It includes a unity government and a presidential council, and its tasks are to lead the country to parliamentary and presidential elections on December 24.