Kyrgyzstan evacuates its citizens near the border with Tajikistan


Kyrgyzstan has begun evacuating its citizens from villages near the border line with Tajikistan, which it blames for breaching the agreement.

Which was previously reached regarding the disputed borders in the Chun Alai region of the Osh region in the south of the country.

In the statement made by the press center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan, the efforts to evacuate residents of the villages of Jakendi, Kara Tet and Kara Mik were emphasized.


Chulok, Darot Gorgon and Chiba in the Kon Alai region, and the Osh region are under the control of the Minister of Emergency Situations Bobik Ajikyev.

While the villagers who were evacuated by the local administrations have been placed in schools and mosques in the area, humanitarian aid has begun to be provided to these people.

Calling the Ambassador of Tajikistan to the Ministry

Meanwhile, the statement made by the Kyrgyz Council of Ministers stated that the work on demarcating the border with Tajikistan, which had been going on since 2002, had not yet been completed.

And that Tajikistan did not find the location of the containers on the disputed borders a suitable line for good neighborliness and friendly relations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan also summoned the ambassador of Tajikistan in Bishkek to the ministry.

She stated that a protest note was submitted regarding the entry of the Tajik armed forces and military vehicles to the Ungo Bulak site in the disputed border area between the two countries.


Helicopter caught fire

It was announced that 3 soldiers were injured in the accident, which occurred as a result of the fire of a military helicopter that was sent to the area and made an emergency landing during the hours of the accident.

The placement of containers by the Tajik Armed Forces on the disputed border line in the Chun-Alai region of the Osh region with Kyrgyzstan and the activity of light armored vehicles on the border line created tension in the region.

In order to gain control of the water distribution network called Jolovni in the border area between the two countries, a conflict took place on 28 and 30 April that killed nearly 60 soldiers and civilians.

The region, where Tajiks and Kyrgyzstan live heavily, is a scene of tensions over land, agricultural irrigation and animal grazing.

smuggling and the use of common roads and unauthorized crossings at the border due to its disputed borders.