Istanbul.. Erdoğan’s wife opens an exhibition of recycling products


On Sunday, First Lady of Turkey Emine Erdoğan participated in the opening of an exhibition of products made from recycled materials from waste in Istanbul.

To the effect that the Beyoglu municipality in Istanbul organized the exhibition as part of the “Zero Waste” activities on the occasion of World Environment Day, which falls on June 5 annually.

The exhibition includes the story of waste collection and recycling, where Erdogan was briefed on its stages by those involved in the exhibition.


She also visited the recycling stands at Sheesh Khaneh Square in the region, and received a briefing from Beyoglu Mayor Haydar Ali Yildiz on the municipality’s work in waste recycling.

Erdogan presented a “zero waste” certificate to the mayor after his municipality met all the principles set by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development in the framework of recycling work.

Beyoglu Municipality is working on the “Zero Waste” project implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development under the patronage of the First Lady.