Greek planes harass Turkish fighters in the Aegean Sea


Turkish Defense Ministry sources said Thursday that Greek planes harassed Turkish F-16 fighters while they were participating in a NATO mission in the Aegean Sea.


The same sources indicated that two Turkish F-16 planes participated in a NATO mission in the Aegean Sea on Wednesday.

She added that Greek F-16 planes harassed Turkish fighters during the aforementioned mission by opening their radars and tracking them as enemy targets.

The sources said that Greece continues to target NATO missions in order to increase tension, and the recent incident of harassment shows that Greece resorts to these behaviors in a planned and deliberate manner.

The sources confirmed that the Turkish side informed the NATO leadership of the recent Greek harassment, similar to similar incidents.

She stressed that the Greek actions are inconsistent with the spirit of the NATO alliance and seriously endanger aviation safety.

It is noteworthy that Greek planes carried out similar harassment of Turkish fighters that participated in a NATO mission in the eastern Mediterranean last Tuesday.


Following the incident, the Turkish Ministry of Defense summoned the Greek military attache and condemned the endangerment of NATO’s missions.