Great turnout to visit the largest warships in Turkey


Turkish citizens continue to flock to visit the “TCG Anadolu” warship anchored in Sarayburnu port in Istanbul.

The “TCG Anadolu” opened its doors to visitors as the country’s largest warship, after entering service on April 10.

Long queues form daily along the port and continue until the evening hours.

Visitors wander around the ship and take memorial photos.


Last Monday, the “TCG Anadolu” ship entered service with the Turkish army, with a ceremony attended by President Erdogan.

The length of the ship is 231 meters, its width is 32 meters, the maximum load is 27 thousand tons and 436 kilograms, and its maximum speed is 20.5 knots, while the economic speed is 16 knots.

The ship can carry 13 tanks, 27 armored amphibious vehicles, 6 troop carriers, 33 military vehicles and 15 trailers, a total of 94 vehicles.

On its roof, 10 helicopters and 11 attack drones can be accommodated, while its hangar can carry 19 helicopters or 30 attack drones, in addition to accommodating a crew of 1,223 people.​​​​​​​