Gambia.. a Turkish association that provides health services to Africans


The Turkish “Friends of All Africa” ​​association announced on Tuesday that it has provided health services to thousands of people in the Gambia.


The association said in a statement that its teams provided health services in both the capital, Banjul and Serekunda, to thousands who suffer from the inability to access health services as they should.

She added that its medical cadres included specialized volunteers in various fields, most notably general surgery, pediatric surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, urology, gynecology and orthopedics.

She explained that her volunteer doctors had performed nearly a thousand surgeries in the Gambia in various fields.

Volunteer doctors from the cadres of the association, in cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency “TIKA”, provided educational and training courses for health workers in the Gambia.


The statement quoted Association President Dr. Bilgahan Gontakin as saying that The Gambia is facing many challenges in the field of health.

He added that volunteer medical personnel have provided important services in the field of health in The Gambia.