Fidan discusses with his Danish counterpart regarding the Quran


Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan discussed with his Danish counterpart Lars Lokke Rasmussen, in a phone call, the repeated attacks on the Holy Quran in Denmark.

According to the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday, Fidan condemned, in his call, the “obscene” and continuous attacks on the Quran.

He warned against the arrival of anti-Islam in Europe to the point of danger. He described it as an “epidemic”.

He affirmed his rejection of the shameful attacks against the Quran under the name of freedom of expression.


The Turkish minister called on the Danish government to take action to stop the attacks.

And on Tuesday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning all acts of violence against the holy books as a violation of international law.

On July 12, the United Nations Human Rights Council (based in Geneva) condemned the violations of the Holy Quran at the end of last June in Sweden, despite Western countries voting against the council’s proposed resolution in this regard.

The past few days witnessed the burning of copies of the Holy Quran in Sweden and Denmark, which were met with widespread Turkish, Arab and Islamic condemnations.​​​​​​​​​​​​