“Fatah” message to the Turkish people from President Erdogan


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We show that we have protected the heritage of the ancestors by opening the Hagia Sophia for worship last year, putting the Great Camlica Mosque into service the previous year and holding the first Friday in the Taksim Mosque yesterday.”

President Erdogan sent a video message to the Ninth International Conquest Cup Program of the Archers Foundation.


Erdogan said: “My dear nation, dear children of Istanbul, our esteemed athletes, our dear guests, who met in Ok Maidani on the occasion of the Ninth International Conquest Cup.

I greet you all with my heartfelt feelings and loyalty, “and I hope that the 568th anniversary of the Istanbul conquest will be useful.

Erdogan said, expressing his gratitude to every member of the blessed army, especially the conqueror Sultan Mehmed Han, who conquered Istanbul and made it the Eternal City of the nation.

“I congratulate all our martyrs, veterans and heroes who sacrificed their lives without blinking for this land to be our home for a thousand years.

I wish the best of luck to our 200 athletes who came from more than 30 countries, especially in Turkey, and participated in the Archery Cup competitions.

I would like to express my special thanks to our archers who brought the spirit of conquest to the present with their arrows saying “Hey Hack”.


“We protect trust by developing and beautifying our Istanbul”

Expressing that the competition is not just a sports competition, Erdogan said, it is a cultural festival in which the meaning of the great turning point that opened and closed the ages is transmitted from generation to generation.

“Although we cannot realize this with the enthusiasm we desire due to the epidemiological conditions, I believe that the excitement of the conquest embodied in the Cup of Fath surrounded the hearts of all our youth, and we show that we protect the ancestral heritage by performing the first Friday.”

With its streets and bridges, Marmaray and the Eurasia tunnel, metro and parks, and most of all, we protect our confidence by developing and beautifying Istanbul through our many services that we provide directly to our people.

In this context, we admire the activities carried out within the Okçular Foundation, which is the First Fatih Foundation in Istanbul.

Which aims to keep the memory of our ancestors and our ancient traditions alive and to bring our youth together with sports. “


“We are building a great and strong Turkey step by step with our youth”

President Erdogan said, noting that the youth inside the institution are proud of their successful work starting from Malazhert to Istanbul, and from there to events abroad.

“We, with our youth, express the courage of Alp Arslan in Malazgirt, Osman’s dream, Gazi in Sogut, Fatih in Istanbul.

“We are building a great and strong Turkey step by step by living the revolution of the Turkish Republic, the power of Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Ankara, and the will to protect its independence on July 15th.

And these young people are the ones who will raise our civilization that we installed on these lands. We made it our home by watering them with our blood and sweat and bringing it to the top.


Today, we are repeating the saga we wrote with archers yesterday with our unmanned aerial vehicles, our programs, our production and our exports.”

President Erdogan said that they implemented all of this, taking into account the importance that grandparents attach to archery and shooting that they attribute to it, and President Erdogan concluded his speech as follows:

“The inability to enter Okemedani without ablution, and the fact that the competitions must start with Basmalah and the ability to use stocks in the exams.

Observance of morals and personality also shows us the way we should follow today.

A tree that has lost its roots cannot survive, and a society that has lost its ties to the roots of its faith and culture cannot survive for long.


We expect our young people to practice sports and traditional arts such as archery, horse riding, sword, calligraphy, lighting, and all kinds of social and cultural activities today with this understanding.

We look to our future with more confidence as we see our young people thinking mentally, feeling their heart and building with taste.

With these feelings, I hope the ninth International Conquest Cup will succeed, I would like to express my gratitude to all of our young people who have taken care of our traditional sports branches in your presence.

I congratulate from the bottom of my heart all the athletes from all over the world who are participating in the Conquest Cup. Once again, I greet you all with affectionate respect.”