Erdogan: Ukraine tragedy is a warning to the European Union


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine before the eyes of the whole world is a warning to the European Union.

This came in a message sent by Erdogan on the occasion of “Europe Day”, published by the Presidency of the Communication Department of the Turkish Presidency.


“The time has come for the European Union, which has moved away from its founding values ​​and succumbed to the influence of the short-term policies of member states, to write a new story in conjunction with the Ukraine war,” he added.

He stressed Europe’s urgent need for solidarity, cooperation, and an insightful and courageous perspective, as in the period when the foundations of European integration were laid.

And he added, “Turkey has made a tangible contribution to overcoming the current challenges, not only as a candidate country and an ally in NATO, but also as a partner in the European Union’s deep and powerful gains.”

He pointed out that the negative effects of the Ukrainian war, which reached global dimensions, confirmed once again the strategic importance of Turkey to the European Union in many areas, especially security, migration, supply chains and energy.


He continued, “In this complex phase, it is in the interest of Turkey and the European Union to focus on commonalities rather than differences, and on the core values ​​that we stand for, rather than conflicts of interests.”

He stressed the necessity of encouraging Turkey’s accession process to the European Union, which Ankara is proceeding with patience and a constructive approach, despite all obstacles.