Erdogan: The tragedy exceeded the limits of humanity’s tolerance


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the tragedy in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially the Gaza Strip, has exceeded the limits of humanity’s tolerance.

This came in a speech via video call during his participation in the G20 leaders’ summit on Wednesday.

President Erdogan stressed that every person of conscience acknowledges that what is happening cannot be justified by the right to self-defense.

He added, “Any act in the Gaza events (Israeli attacks) cannot be justified as a right to self-defense. Rather, it is a war crime and a crime against humanity.”

The Turkish President called on the G20 leaders to take the initiative in establishing a two-state solution.

He continued: “We are ready to assume responsibility with other countries in the new security structure that will be established (after the end of the war in Gaza), including the guarantor mechanism.”

Referring to International Children’s Day, which falls on November 20, Erdogan said: “Nearly 7,000 innocent Palestinian children did not live to see this day. The Israeli administration took away the right to life, which is the most basic of rights, from 14,000 civilians, including these children.”

He continued: “They forced the Palestinians to emigrate from their homeland and brutally bombed hospitals, schools, camps, places of worship and churches, where the Palestinians took refuge as their last hope of escaping death.”

He added, “They (Israeli officials) also lost control of themselves to the point that they threatened to use the nuclear bomb, the existence of which they continue to deny until today.”


He added: “Those who committed all these acts must be held accountable before international law as well as before the conscience of humanity.”

Erdogan stressed that “Turkey does not see any measure targeting civilians as justified or excused.”

He called on “all leaders to show the same reaction to civilian deaths, regardless of whether they are Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims or Christians.”

He continued: “Declaring a humanitarian truce for 4 days and agreeing to exchange hostages and detainees, even in limited numbers, is a positive development.”

He expressed his hope that this step would lead to “a permanent ceasefire and peace, which is one of our most important priorities.”

He added: “With recent events, we have all seen once again the importance of establishing an independent Palestinian state living in peace side by side with Israel, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders.”

President Erdogan pointed out that Turkey continues to send the necessary humanitarian aid to the region, calling on all friends to take similar steps.

In this regard, he stated: “So far, in cooperation with our Egyptian brothers, we have shipped 11 civilian planes and ships loaded with 666,000 tons of relief materials to Al-Arish Airport.”

He continued, “We transport the injured, especially cancer patients and children, to Turkey and continue to treat them. I hope that friends will take the necessary steps to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of medical and humanitarian aid to Gaza.”