Erdogan: The Cyprus issue must be resolved on the basis of equality

Erdogan اردوغان

During his visit to Cyprus, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a ceremony marking the 37th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Lefkosia, “There are now two separate countries and two governments in Cyprus.” The two countries’ solution should be negotiated on the basis of sovereign equality. “

“Despite all the repression, torture and treachery, we have never taken off the banner of our struggle,” the Turkish president said. Our soldiers have won the epic battle.

Achieving a solution to the Cyprus problem guarantees the rights and security of Turkish Cypriots, and this is our priority. “

Noting that the southern part of Cyprus, which has always been a major obstacle to solving the island’s problems, Erdogan added: “Those who lived in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have complained about their president to the so-called heads of state of Southern Cyprus. They hope for a change of power in the south. They know that they are deceived. “

“A (political) partnership cannot be formed with the Greek Cypriot part which was destroyed by force in 1963 and destroyed by the Greek military coup of 1974.”

In another part of his speech, the Turkish President referred to the developments in the eastern Mediterranean, and said: “No eastern Mediterranean mechanism in which there is no fair position for Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be able to achieve peace and stability.

Research and exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean will continue until a fair agreement is reached. As a guarantor country and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, we do not tolerate diplomatic matches. “

Regarding the reopening of a part of the tourist area of ​​Maraş in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Erdogan said, “The new procedure in the Maraş region is not to cause new losses, but to eliminate the existing ones.

There is only one victim in the Cyprus case, which is the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Whose rights have been neglected for years. “Turkish Cypriots live with dignity in their homeland despite the numerous attacks on their presence on the island of Cyprus.”