Erdogan: Islamophobia continues to spread like an epidemic


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Islamophobia continues to spread like an epidemic of the plague, especially in Western countries, poisoning all segments of societies from the street to the political class, workers and government officials.


This came in a video message sent by President Erdogan on Tuesday to the second edition of the International Media and Islamophobia Forum, held in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The President expressed his pleasure for organizing the Forum in its second edition with a broader and more comprehensive participation, noting that the climate of hatred encouraged by irresponsible media negatively affects Muslims and millions of different languages, religions, origins and cultures.

He pointed out that the shameful debate in the context of the Ukrainian crisis reveals the dangerous dimensions of Islamophobia and cultural racism, adding:


“As people belonging to a civilization that says that man is the noblest of creatures and that man must be revived for the state to live, we categorically reject the distinction between the oppressed and the victims.”

He stressed that fighting the escalating Islamophobia is not a matter for Muslims only but for all of humanity, adding that otherwise it will not be possible to prevent anti-Islam attacks such as those that occurred in New Zealand in 2019 and Canada in 2021.

He stressed that the greatest responsibility in this regard rests on the shoulders of the Islamic world and its institutions, along with Western politicians, the media, and government institutions.


The first edition of the forum was successfully held in Turkey, despite the conditions of the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.