Erdogan: International institutions support our economic program


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that all important institutions in the global economy now support the economic program implemented by Ankara.


This came in a speech he delivered on Saturday during his participation in the inauguration of 357 investment projects collectively in the state of Balk Asir in the west of the country.

Erdogan said that some internal and external parties were criticizing the economic measures taken by the Turkish government a few months ago.

He added, “Then all the important institutions and actors in the global economy began to give statements that support and recommend the economic program that we have implemented.”

The Turkish president stressed that his government is aware of what it is doing and what it aims to achieve from the beginning.

He explained that the world is going through the most difficult period since World War II, and that the balance of political and economic forces in the world have been shaken from its foundations.


Erdogan stated that the economic and social challenges caused by the Corona epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war are beginning to turn into a harbinger of more radical changes.

And he added, “This scene inevitably affects our country, but what distinguishes Turkey is that it predicted this stage at an early stage as a result of the attacks it was exposed to and the problems it faced over the past eight or nine years.”

He continued, “Thanks to the infrastructure that we established, the measures we took and the mechanisms we implemented, we were able to put an end to the repercussions of the global crisis on our country at the lowest level.”

And he added, “We were not satisfied with that, but we are taking steps that will set an example for the world in many areas, and Turkey has done this task during the epidemic period thanks to the strength of its health system.”


Erdogan emphasized that Turkey played a similar role during the economic crisis thanks to its own economic growth model that it developed by enhancing its productive power.