Erdogan: Communication with the Taliban is possible for Afghanistan


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan indicated that Ankara could communicate with the government that will be formed by the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, to achieve security and stability in that country.


This came in a speech delivered by Erdogan on Thursday after presiding over a meeting of the Turkish government at the Presidential Complex in the capital, Ankara.

In this regard, he said: “Our main goal is to achieve security and stability in Afghanistan, and for that, we will communicate with the government that the Taliban will form if necessary.”

In response to the Turkish opposition’s allegations about the presence of 1.5 million Afghan immigrants in the country, Erdogan “vigorously” denied the allegations, asserting that they were “pure lies”.

He stressed that “Turkey is not a country through which everyone passes through,” indicating that his government will never tolerate those who do not abide by Turkey’s laws and regulations and take positions that cause chaos.

Erdogan criticized the positions of European countries regarding refugees and irregular migrants, saying:


“Turkey is not compelled, irresponsible or mandated to be a repository of refugees for the benefit of Europe.”

In his speech, Erdogan addressed the issue of residents in Turkey, saying: “We will never tolerate those who target the lives and property of asylum seekers and threaten public safety.”