Emine Erdogan: Achieving a better world by policies that serve nature


Turkey’s president’s wife, Emine Erdogan, said on Tuesday that a better world can be achieved through enacting policies that are in the interest of nature.

This came in a video message sent by Erdogan to the “Women, Economy, Knowledge, and Law” symposium.


This is on the sidelines of the twelfth edition of the “Bosphorus Summit”, which kicked off Monday in Istanbul.

It is organized by the International Cooperation Platform “UİP” under the title “Working for a Better World” and will last for two days.

The First Lady of Turkey expressed her confidence in the active role of women in green development and stressed the need to establish a better world by establishing systems that protect future generations, starting from the present time.

She added that a better world can be achieved by enacting policies that are in the interest of nature, stressing the importance of the green economy in this regard.


She pointed out that there is a tangible link between enhancing the status of women economically and socially, and increasing rates of justice and charity around the world, and added: “We must work together to achieve this link.”

On the second day of the Bosphorus summit, the symposium was attended by Turkish parliamentarian Ozlam Zengin, and former Lebanese Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad.