Earthquakes form a new “water pool” in Hatay, Turkey


The earthquake disaster caused the formation of a new water pool in the Payas district of Hatay, southern Turkey.

The earthquakes of February 6 triggered landslides in mountainous areas.

The earthquakes caused the fall of a large rock mass from the top of a mountain in the Payas district and formed a dam in front of the “Ak Chai” stream that originates from the Amanos Mountains and extends to the Payas Valley.


As a result of the pooling of water, a pool was formed between the trees, catching the eye with its turquoise watercolor.

The Messenger of Qara, who lives in the village of Xinjan in the region, expressed their surprise at this scene that occurred after the earthquakes. He explained that the depth of the pond is 20 meters, and its length reaches 300 meters, indicating the severity of the earthquakes.

On February 6, two violent earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, followed by thousands of violent aftershocks, killing tens of thousands of people and causing massive material damage.