Turkish “Kronfol” wins the Grand Prix of the Tetouan Film Festival


The Turkish film “Kronfol”, directed by Bakr Bulbul, won the Grand Prix of the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival in Morocco.

This came during the closing ceremony of the 28th session of the festival on Friday evening, with the participation of Turkey as a guest of honor.

The Moroccan actress, Jalila Al-Telmissi, won the award for best female role in the movie “Red Fish”.

The Croatian actor, Juraj Lerotic, won the award for best male role for the movie “A Safe Place”.


The festival, which lasted from March 3 to 10, featured many activities, in addition to the “Best Scenario” and “Cinema Industry Days” competitions, as well as training workshops for film students.

Turkish director Zaki Demirkobuz headed the jury of the official competition for the feature film category, which included Spanish actress Ana Ecobalzita, Egyptian director Hala Khalil, French critic Nada Al-Azhari, and Italian professor of visual arts history Valerio Carando.

A number of film stars were honored as guests of the festival, such as the Turkish actress, Fieldan Atta Sifar, the Spanish director, Judith Colel, the Egyptian actress, Ghada Adel, the Moroccan director, Hassan Benjelloun, and the Italian director, Daniele Vicari.