A meeting that reviews the opportunities for food industries


The Qatari capital, Doha, witnessed a meeting on Sunday to present investment opportunities in the agri-food industry in Turkey.

The meeting was organized by the Investment Office and the Turkish Commercial Attaché in Doha.

A number of businessmen and representatives of Qatari companies in the field of agriculture and food participated in the meeting, where they learned about the prospects for the agricultural food industry in Turkey and investment and trade opportunities in it.


During the meeting, Levent Sadik Kocuktaban, advisor at the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, discussed the agricultural food industry in Turkey, its favorable investment environment, and the strengths in the industry and the sector.

He pointed out in a speech to the audience that “Turkey is the tenth largest agricultural producer in the world.”

He added, “Turkey has a strong agricultural and food industry that employed nearly 18 percent of the country’s working population and which accounted for 5.4 percent of the country’s GDP in 2022 with a financial contribution to the total GDP of $45.4 billion.”

He continued, “Turkey enjoys great investment opportunities in agricultural sub-sectors, such as the production of greenhouses, animal and vegetable proteins, seeds, nuts and almonds, pet food, baby food, and aquaculture.”

He added, “Global agro-food giants are present in Turkey and have important activities, using Turkey as a hub to access regional markets.”

“We are at the service of the Qatari business community to establish successful partnerships with local companies to grow in the region,” the Turkish official added.

Pointing out that his country is looking forward to positioning itself as a preferred regional headquarters and supply center for major global agricultural players, he explained that it offers a set of incentives to potential agribusiness investors to encourage investments in this sector.

For his part, Mehmet Fatih Çetinkaya, the Turkish commercial attaché in Qatar, said: “This abundant production allows Turkey to maintain a remarkably positive trade balance thanks to its position as one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa region.”


He added in a speech during the meeting: “At the global level, Turkey exported about 1,800 types of agricultural products to more than 190 countries in 2021, which represents an export volume of $23 billion.”

“The climatic and geographical conditions across the country allow for a wide range of agricultural activities and Turkey is largely self-sufficient in food,” he continued.