BOTAŞ: Our organization does not have overdue debts for natural gas


Pipelines Il Gasoline Tasima Ash issued a statement on the claim that it has overdue natural gas debt in its main scope of business.

In the statement made by BOTAŞ, it was made clear that there is a need for accurate information to the public.


This is due to the claim that BOTAŞ was seeking $2 billion in financing in order to repay debts arising from the gas trade, which is BOTAŞ’s main area of ​​activity.

The following information was included in Botas’s statement:

“Our organization provides financing only from national and international financial institutions in order to strengthen its financial structure in line with effective and efficient financial management and diversification of the financial instruments it uses.

As well as the use of long-term debt instruments that positively affect productivity rates in investment projects, and to effectively provide financial leverage for working capital needs.


“Our organization does not have any outstanding debt to natural gas within the scope of its principal activity, which is the subject of these allegations.

The data in question is intentional with the intent to mislead the public, and our organization takes its supply security work very seriously and responsibly.”