Turkey.. The Arresting of 8 Syrians who appeared with white weapons


On Friday, the Turkish police arrested 8 Syrians, after they appeared in a video on social media, as they were walking in a street in the state of Adana, carrying knives.


According to information received from the province of Adana (south), the Security Directorate teams moved after a video was circulated on the communication platforms of a group of Syrians walking on a street carrying swords, knives and sticks in their hands.

The teams arrested the person who posted the clip on social media, and 7 others who appeared in the video, after identifying them.

After the procedures at the Security Directorate are completed, the eight suspects will be referred to the Immigration Department in preparation for their deportation outside Turkey.


Police teams continue to work to arrest the rest of the suspects who appeared in the video, after their identities were identified.